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CBD oil and cannabis oil

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CBD oil and cannabis oil

Hi there I would like to request where in the united kingdom as well as the strength and anymore information you may have as my father has anal cancer tumors and can immediately start chemo. I am aware great deal associated with the side impacts of chemo but at this time don’t discover how aggressive this cancer is? We understand I would like to recommend cbd oil or alternative it is chemo and cbd oil together maybe not a good clear idea? We appreciate any advice on this I am worried to the point of sickness for the end result for my father. many thanks

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CBD oil and cannabis oil

My apologies to know your dad happens to be clinically determined to have anal cancer tumors and I also simply wished to wish him the very best of luck along with his chemotherapy therapy. We now have some in-depth all about our website about treatment plan for anal cancer tumors which include chemotherapy – you can find out more about any of it right here. I’m also including Cancer analysis UK’s statement that is official cannabis oil and alternative treatments for your information:

“We don’t advise clients to utilize cannabis oil or any therapies that are alternative treat cancer. Standard medical remedies for cancer tumors are typical evidence-based therefore have already been tested to observe how secure and efficient they’ve been. Some “natural” treatments can affect hospital treatment so that it’s vital that patients talk with their physician before generally making any choices.”

The CRUK science blog is a good place to start: Cannabis – the evidence so far – it’s a very interesting read for more information about cannabis and cancer. Read More